Nothing New Year

A personal experiment to purchase only used or pre-owned items for a full year.
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The two most difficult things about buying used/pre-owned were that it often (but not always) took more patience and more effort than buying new.

                    Normally when I want to mail my Christmas letters, I would go to the post office and buy stamps. Now, I had to scour multiple sites starting in January, hoping that someone would have found a stash of stamps they no longer need. 12 months later, right when I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to send cards this year, I finally found someone selling a full roll of stamps on Facebook Marketplace (they purchased the wrong type for their company.) It was a 2 hour round trip to pick them up. Hence, much more effort and much more patience.


Wore jeans with a rip in the inner upper thigh for 10 months

Would recommend not trying to find a used thermometer at the beginning of a pandemic

Took 10 months to find a high impact bra, and it didn’t fit in the end, so I still haven’t found one


Really difficult person to organize a trade with

They didn’t show up to our first meetup

Had to drive out of Montreal to pick them up


Waited 12 months, had to drive 2 hours to pick them up

Looked for the right couch for months, and it was a feat to transport